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Welcome to the Village

Keswick Village is both a local and regional community located in Glenside, Pennsylvania.  
The Village began to see its first growth with the development of the Keswick Theatre, and the shops around it, in 1929.

Since then the community continues to grow.  

Families that were born and raised here, stay, and new families continue to move into the quintessential "small town" with a great location.

What continues to bring people here are the many annual events throughout the year.  We have The 4th of July Parade, started in 1903, our Keswick Village Fall Festival, started in 2012, our Trick or Treat Night, started in 1993, our "Christmas In The Village, started in 2012, as well as our monthly First Friday event.

There's always a lot to do in Keswick Village, which makes it a GREAT place to live.


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